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International exchange portal site EVE aims to "exchange between Japanese and foreigners", "disseminate information to overseas people who are interested in Japan", and "provide information to Japanese people who are interested in overseas". I will. EVE is a site created, operated and managed by individuals.Therefore, I think there are many inadequacies, but we appreciate your understanding.
The EVE operator is not responsible for any disadvantages or damages caused by the use of EVE by EVE users.

国際交流ポータルサイト EVEは「日本人と海外の皆様の交流」・「日本に興味を持って頂いている海外の皆様への情報発信」・「海外に興味を持っている日本人への情報提供」を目的としています。

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Here is a mysterious island that was born to the world of the Internet.There are many people here who get lost.You can choose to interact with people from different regions, age groups, professions, etc.that you wouldn't normally meet in your daily life, spend your days fighting, or gain wealth and fame.There will be many encounters and adventures waiting for you.


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